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We have partnered with the leading shoe non-profit Soles4Souls. When you buy our kicks you can make a donation that we will match. 

We’re running a FINAL 50% OFF CLOSEOUT SALE, with code CLOSEOUT50.

SpeedSmith will be closing shop…THANK YOU to all of our customers and supporters! 🙏🙏🙏

We're taking this opportunity to help others – we'll be donating as many shoes as possible to kids in need (we've already sent close to 100 pairs to a Taiwan school for indigenous Atayal children). 👍👍👍
Every sale will help cover the costs of our donations (we've got big plans to start sending shoes to Africa). This is your last chance to cop the super comfy and speedy kicks that your kids have grown to love, at a massive discount, and to lend a helping hand at the same time. Doesn't get better, amiright?! Take 50% off with code CLOSEOUT50, and this is very literally a limited time offer! ⏱

And don’t worry, luckily an 🥇AWESOME sports brand🥇 has purchased our app and patents, and will hopefully take the baton and run with it. 



SpeedSmith was started by Vivian Chiang and Joseph Hei, taking inspiration from their three dynamic, unstoppable girls. They have deep roots in the Stanford Engineering, Design, and Business schools, and experience in leading companies such as IDEO and Apple.

Vivian and Joseph were co-founders of Orbit Baby, the breakthrough stroller and car seat of choice for discerning parents and celebrities worldwide. After a decade of experience designing and manufacturing innovative children’s products, they decided to forge the best and most-functional children’s shoes, and a better way for parents to buy those shoes that is digital, direct, and delightful. 



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